A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header
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SMART™ Saddle Range

The innovative Queen’s Award-winning SMART™ saddle range offers unparalleled horse: rider synchrony, adjustable rider balance and long-term fitting solutions. Research-led, for the discerning rider, the patented designs combine the benefits of SMART™ FlexTech™ with traditional close-contact feel for improved horse and rider welfare and performance. Available in a range of styles suitable for all disciplines every horse can benefit from a SMART saddle regardless of their back shape.

Smart Saddles Smart Saddle System Dressage Range
SMART Dressage Saddles

Secure seat and straight-cut knee flap to support a classical dressage position

Smart Saddles Smart Saddle System Jump
SMART Jump Saddles

Forward cut saddles with a narrow twist and open seat for jumping and fast work

Smart Saddles Smart Saddle System Multi-Discipline
Multi-Discipline Saddles

General purpose saddles with adjustable support for both flatwork and jumping

Smart Saddles Smart Saddle System Native Saddle
SMART Native Saddles

Specifically designed for flat backed horses and ponies across all disciplines

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What Our Customers Say…

I can’t believe how much he’s changed in this saddle

We had issues with saddles from the beginning; they would constantly slip to the right, which was a) made worse by one shoulder being bigger than the other and b) made worse by the fact that he was fitted with 17 inch saddles to accommodate me, but that was too long for his back so the movement at the back of the saddle would cause them to slip too.

What do a SMART™ saddle and running shoes have in common?
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Morag Russell
Morag Russell
Jackie Bennett
Jackie Bennett
Claire Paton
Steff Singleton
Kate Packer
Amy Brewster
Becky Hutcheson
Tracy Scott
Lesley Jennings
Claire Chiba

From our Ambassadors

I have used my SMART™ saddle on every conceivable shape and type of horse, and all have quickly discovered greater freedom of movement and elasticity, rapidly followed by more willingness to work towards self-carriage.

Tim Downes FBHS

I love the SMART™ Elite saddles. They allow the flexibility to use it on any horse, including the narrower stamp. It gives me a close contact feel and my horses all the freedom they need.

Penny Lawn

SMART Saddles have made riding comfortable for students and horses. Our equine massage therapist commented how much better our horses' backs are, they are moving and jumping better, the students are happy, and it's made saddle fitting so much easier. I am so thankful I found these saddles!

Lindsey Partridge


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The NEW SMART Hunter/Jumper saddle
Developed for the Hunter/Jumper rider, offering the benefits of the SMART Elite Jump saddle but with classic tailoring for the ring.

SMART Fitting Training: Now available for SMART Customers
Would you like to learn more about the SMART fitting process ? Or are you just interested to find out more about the principles of the fully flexible SMART saddle system?

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