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Technical Advisor: Catie Baird - Herefordshire

Catie Baird

Catie Baird, an accomplished and experienced rider and trainer, has evented up to CCI *** level and now has 3 children of her own eventing in under 21's, Junior, and FEI Pony Trials. When not acting as the family chef d´equipe, she still manages to find the time to continue competing herself.

As a family, the Bairds have lots of horses coming into the yard of every shape and size. They also had a tack room full of saddles, all of which were fitted with Flair air panels to improve fit. Even so, it was always difficult to keep all the horses happy all of the time. Now with SMART Saddles, they are all happy all of the time. The horses feel much softer and enjoy the freedom in their shoulders and through their backs, which in turn makes them easier to ride.