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SMART Advisor: Katie Ebbage, Oregon USA

Katie Ebbage

Katie Ebbage owns and operates a horse welfare-based, multi-disciplinary training facility in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, USA. With 25 years as a professional, and 20 years in the saddle industry, Katie brings a broad range of experience to her work with Solution Saddles.

Katie has spent decades studying biomechanically correct training for both horse and human, and firmly believes SMART Saddles are the best saddles available for both correct horse development and proper support of the rider.

Katie Ebbage

Across the board, all of the horses and riders Katie has introduced to SMART Saddles have improved in ways that would not be possible without these exceptional saddles. In sum, SMART Saddles are a key part of Katie’s program, and have been instrumental in the correct development of all pupils, equine and human alike!