A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header

SMART Test Rides

Try a SMART™Saddle with your local SMART Advisor

A Test Ride is the ideal opportunity to determine the most suitable SMART™ saddle model, size and accessories for optimal saddle performance for you and your horse(s). Following a Test Ride, your SMART™ Advisor will continue to work with you and provide valuable on-going saddle fitting support and advice.

Ready to book your SMART Test Ride?

All SMART™ saddles and accessories are distributed directly to SMART™ Advisors from our workshop in Nottinghamshire. This ensures a custom selection of saddles for each individual client to try, wherever you are in the country. 


SMART™ Services:

- SMART™ Saddles Test Rides
- Routine refits
- Fitting your SMART™ saddle to other horses & riders
- Fitting second-hand SMART™ saddles


Home Consultation Fees

SMART Test Ride

Payable directly to the SMART™ Advisor to cover time and travel costs as well as, where necessary, follow-up remote fitting advice.



Regular refits are strongly recommended. Fee payable directly to the SMART™ Advisor.



3rd Party Purchase

SMART™ Advisors are available for retrospective fitting reviews of SMART™ saddles purchased via a 3rd party.


Please note:
- Prices are based on fitting 1 x horse and rider combination within a reasonable distance
- Additional non-refundable expenses may be applicable - please check with your SMART™ Advisor at the time of booking
Multi-client visits or fitting training can be arranged and fees will depend on each circumstance. Please contact us to discuss.


Ongoing support

In the same way that you would schedule routine checks for a traditional saddle, we strongly recommend that you have regular refits from an approved SMART™ Advisor to ensure ongoing optimum performance of your SMART™ saddle. Do not hesitate to contact your SMART™ Advisor for advice as they have seen you and your horse, conducted a saddle fitting, and are in the best position to provide you with any ongoing support you may need.