A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header

No SMART Advisor in your area? No problem!

Thanks to the uniquely flexible design of the SMART saddle range, we can help you to optimise the fit and balance of your new saddle using our remote fitting service - at no extra cost!

Rest of the world

How is this possible?

  1. The SMART saddle flexes around each horse’s back shape without the need for specialist equipment or alterations
  2. Any adjustments to the fit or balance are determined through a series of simple checks
  3. SMART Shims or Dorsal Pads can be used to support the base panel in different ways, effectively changing the shape that the saddle flexes around and, subsequently, the fit and/or balance
  4. Modern technology enables us to connect with clients around the globe via phone, email, messenger service and videocall

Even if you are based somewhere we do not have a trained SMART™ Advisor available, there’s no need to compromise on saddle fit:

Find out more about the options wherever you are:

Direct rental service – for UK customers

Remote fitting service – overseas customers