A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header

A SMART™ Investment

A well-made and correctly fitted saddle is probably one of the most expensive investments horse owners will make for their horse. The award-winning SMART™ saddle range, with its unique, flexible design and equally flexible trial and payment options, represents excellent long-term value, saving not only money but also time and worry:

No need to buy a new saddle each time your horse changes shape

SMART™ saddles are unique because they are fully flexible and RigidFree™. The ability to flex with the horse’s back both short-term and long-term, allows for optimal fit and performance season after season.

Simple to adjust: Quickly and easily change the fit without changing the saddle

With no need to change your SMART™ saddle when your horse changes shape, adjustments to fit are quickly and easily made by using external SMART™ balance pads where necessary. Starting from just £25 per pair, the flexible saddle system is an affordable way to maintain optimal saddle fit.

Reduced ongoing costs of treatment and therapies

Flexible fit for a flexible back. SMART™ saddles flex to promote healthy posture and back muscle development, reducing the risk of saddle-related injuries, sore backs and time off trying to resolve such issues.

Multiple horses? No problem!

As SMART™ saddles are made of high-density materials, they maintain their own form and do not mould to a particular back shape, enabling the same SMART™ saddle to flex around different horses’ backs without compromise. Double the horses needn’t mean double the saddle expense with the flexible SMART™ saddle system.

Mother/Daughter share: 14.1hh, 16.1hh, 18hh share the same SMART Dressage saddle

Hard-wearing materials for minimal maintenance

SMART Saddles are handmade in the UK using premium materials and do not need reflocking in the same way that traditional saddles do. Cared for and stored correctly, SMART™ saddle base panels are unlikely to need attention for many years.

Risk Free Trial Options:

  • Test Ride fee refunded when you buy
    Try a selection of SMART™ saddles at a home consultation with an approved SMART™ Advisor to feel the difference a SMART™ saddle can make for you and your horse.
  • Try-before-you-buy rental service: Up to 2 weeks’ FREE
    Choose to take a SMART™ saddle on trial before making any commitment to purchase; try the saddle out in your own time to ensure it meets your needs.
  • 3 x 0% Payment Plans: Spread the cost over up to 12 months
    Plan your finances with a SMART™ Payment Plan over 3, 6 or 12 months.

"I decided to rent the SMART GP saddle for a few weeks so I could really test it out out properly; I tried it at home and at jumping and flatwork lessons. This allowed me to get a proper feel for the saddle and make sure I was 100% happy with it. My youngster felt very happy and comfortable in the saddle and was happier to work freely over his back. Purchasing the SMART GP saddle with the payment plan has made buying it a lot more affordable for me. I’ve been very impressed by SMART Saddles and the customer service and would happily use them again."
Emma Taylor, SMART saddle customer

"The extended trial period via the rental service was invaluable and really gave me confidence that I was investing in something special."
Pip Bell, SMART saddle customer

To find out more about the SMART saddle range, please don't hesitate to get in touch:
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