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Top tip: Saddle care

Saddle Tip

There are numerous steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your leather saddle. Saddle care - storage, protection and leather care.


1 - Store your saddle and any accessories in a dry place away from damp and extreme temperatures. We recommend storing saddles on either a smooth round surface, such as the Stubbs Saddle Mate or, ideally, on a narrow, rounded saddle pole that sits through the gullet.

2 - Always remove the saddle cloth and any pads from under your saddle and allow to air after each use. Do not store the pads under your saddle as this may cause them to compress unevenly over time, compromising performance and reducing their shelf-life.

3 - It is important that you do not store your saddle on metal racks or with items placed on top. To prevent marking or other damage, avoid saddle brackets that support the saddle on the soft underside panels

Saddle Tip


Using a saddle cover when storing your saddle will protect it from dust, marks and accidental scratches. SMART Saddles supply all their saddles with a the water-resistant, fleece-lined SMART™Deluxe Saddle Cover; an adjustable elastic trim allows for universal fit.

Saddle Tip

Leather Care:

Leather is a natural material and needs to be protected from drying out and cracking. Environmental factors, such as exposure to sunlight, wind and rain can cause the leather to lose some of its natural properties. It is therefore important to take steps to maintain leather in good condition in order to optimise performance and increase its longevity.

1 - If your saddle gets wet, apply a leather conditioner straight away then allow to dry in a well aired, warm room. Once completely dry, reapply conditioner until the leather returns to a supple texture and buff the sheen back to the surface with a soft cloth.

2 – Regularly maintain with a leather balm, such as SMART Leather Balm to not only keep your saddle clean and supple, but to protect it from the elements and maintain peak condition and appearance.

3 - Lightly top-up heavier, pre-oiled leather with oil occasionally.

4 – Where soft hide is used, apply conditioner sparingly, only enough to remove any dirt before buffing to a shine.

Saddle Tip