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Jump into the 2023 season!

Jump into the 2023 season!

Have you discovered our SMART Jump saddle range?

The SMART™ Jump saddle range meets the extra demands and precision required by high performance horses and riders. Ensuring a secure and balanced ride during jumping and fast work when riding with a shorter stirrup length, the fully flexible SMART saddle design allows a natural bascule over bigger fences and the reach of the galloping and jumping horse is unimpeded.

Smart Jump Saddles

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SMART™ Elite Jump saddle

SMART™ Elite Jump saddle
- high performance Jump saddle with easy fitting to sports horse back profiles

Example: From £249.50 / month with 12 month 0% payment plan. Requires £1000 deposit.


SMART™ Elite Jump saddle

SMART™ NATIVE Jump saddle
- low profile, short base for rounder back shapes with little wither profile

Example: From £175 / month with 12 month 0% payment plan. Requires £1000 deposit.


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What our customers say:

What our customers say

"I love the SMART™ Elite saddles. They allow the flexibility to use it on any horse, including the narrower stamp. It gives me a close contact feel and my horses all the freedom they need."

SMART Ambassador, Penny Lawn BHSII, Bramham based 4* Event rider and trainer, competed Advanced Dressage and Foxhunter Showjumping.

“My new SMART saddle is going really well - my trainer has deemed it a 'game changer'! When jumping he is showing great scope and shape over a fence, and feeling far more forwards than he has previously”.

~SMART Customer, A Hughes

What our customers say

7 key features of the SMART saddle design:

What are the key features that allow the SMART Saddle Range to work so effectively?

7 key features of the SMART saddle design

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Spring Checks

New saddle? New Horse? Saddle check!

Spring Checks

Now is the ideal time to arrange a saddle check with your SMART Advisor. Home consultations are available for SMART Test Rides and SMART Refits, including for 3rd party purchased second-hand saddles. Simply contact SMART Saddles and we will put you in touch with your nearest SMART Advisor so you can ensure your SMART saddle is fitted optimally for the season ahead.

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Spring Clean

SMART™ Leather Balm

SMART™ Leather Balm

Now is the time to give your leather a thorough check over and spring clean after the long winter months. SMART Leather Balm can be used to revitalise all your leather items – take advantage of our FREE UK Shipping offer whilst stocks last!


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If so, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions or would like a quote for your very own SMART saddle.

Our show special offers are valid until 31st March

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