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Upgrades for SMART GP & VSD saddles: Because every horse is Elite

Smart Pro Saddle

The features of the SMART Elite design have proven to offer more benefits to horse, rider and fitter than any other SMART design. In response to this, and because we believe that every horse deserves to benefit from the same great features, we have upgraded all of our SMART Saddles to be in-line with the SMART Elite range!

Tried and tested on every back shape, from formerly saddle-damaged backs with muscle wastage and high withers, to round-backed cobs with big shoulders and low withers, the unique combination of design features allows SMART Elite saddles to flex around the widest range of back shapes without compromise.

SMART Elite features:

  • SMART Elite Seat – ergonomically designed for a close-contact, secure seat
  • SMART™ Y-Girthing arrangement – provides stability across a wide range of conformation types
  • SMART™ Elite base panels – fully flexible, with a large surface area for weight distribution and flat profile for an even contact across back shapes
  • Easy-fit contoured design – upswept core shape to accommodate defined or prominent withers where necessary
  • Controlled gullet width - which flexes with your horse’s back action
  • Custom finish options – the icing on the cake!

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