A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header

Wherever you are in the world, try our remote SMART Saddle Fitting Service

Saddle Fitting

Try our remote SMART Saddle Fitting Service

- Our SMART Remote Fitting Service is available free of charge with any new SMART saddle purchase

Whether in the UK or overseas, we understand that not everyone has the option of regular saddle fitting visits from an appropriate professional. Whilst a traditional treed saddle may be difficult to fit, or indeed lead to compromises if fitted remotely, a fully flexible SMART saddle offers the user clear advantages:

  • No rigid frame – the fit of the saddle is not dictated by the shape of a fixed frame and therefore the SMART saddle can flex-to-fit a wide range of back shapes without restricting or impinging your horse’s back.
  • Fully flexible - the SMART saddle flexes around whatever shape it is applied to. Once girthed up and the rider mounted, the SMART saddle will flex around the horse’s back and trunk with a close, even contact and will not bridge. Akin to the modern running shoe, which flexes and moves with the foot, close contact is desirable for optimal engagement with the back.
  • Simply shim – shims are used where necessary to adjust the fit. The flexible SMART saddle will simply flex around the new shape once the shims are in place, which results in the saddle being carried differently. Whether the shims are used to change the fit for the horse, or to change the balance for the rider, the saddle flexes to accommodate the new contours and adapt accordingly.
  • No flocking – there are no internal adjustments such as to the flocking or tree/headplate. With the only changes required being to the external shims or pads, anyone can apply the adjustments to change the saddle fit and balance following advice from SMART Saddles HQ.
  • Forgiving materials – in combination with the flexible design, the materials themselves are supportive and forgiving, allowing you to follow the fitting advice without risk of causing damage in the process.
  • Common sense approach – forget all the complexities of treed saddle fitting and apply our easy-fit, common-sense approach to fitting your new SMART saddle. Provided that the SMART Rules are adhered to, the rest of the process is very intuitive: If your saddle sits too low at the back and tips the rider into a chair seat, simply lift the back. If the saddle sits too high at the back and tips the rider forwards, lift the front. Balancing a SMART saddle really can be as simple as that!
  • Affordable – the price of SMART Shims ranges from £25 for a pair of slim shims to £150 for a high-density SMART PRO+ Pad. This price point means that, once you have the optimal size and style model for you and your horse, any future adjustments can be made using low-cost products, saving you the expense of sending your saddle away or having to buy a new saddle.
  • Global access to expert advice – even if there is not a SMART Advisor in your area, help is always on hand! SMART Saddles HQ offer remote fitting services to all of our clients, ensuring that you get a comprehensive service, wherever you are in the world. Through a combination of rider feedback, photos, videos and videocall, we can work with you to get the right fit, both in the first instance and as your horse changes shape.

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So, if professional saddle fitting services are not available in your area, simply get in touch with SMART Saddles HQ today to find out more about ordering a saddle with remote advice. In the event that you decide that a SMART saddle does not meet your needs, our globally available, customer-friendly Sale or Return policy allows for returns.

www.smartsaddles.com: The only official resource for information and advice on the SMART saddle range