A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header

The SMART™ Elite Dressage saddle offers effective rider balance and comfort for the horse

Jo Szegota

“As a Ride with Your Mind Biomechanics Coach and Masterson Method bodyworker I appreciate the importance of correct rider balance and comfort for the horse.

I have bought many different saddles over the years and thought I have found ‘The One’ for one of my three… but I began to realise he wasn’t happy after a couple of years and had been riding in a bareback pad for six months. I was using this saddle on my pony and my youngster too but wanted something a bit more structured for more serious riding.

Numerous friends recommended a SMART™ Saddle and I was fortunate to have a local friend, who was a SMART™ Advisor. I was immediately impressed at the position I could maintain with the flatter seat and the changeable position of the knee blocks. My very sensitive horse was clearly happy so I decided to keep a SMART™ Elite Dressage on trial.

I took the saddle away for two weeks training and also used it for hacking and schooling in between on both horses… the youngster has been for a walk in it and didn’t notice any difference to her bareback pad. After 9 days my horse had changed so much that my Advisor adjusted the set up of the balance pads and shims. He had his first steps of piaffe in this saddle and it was amazing to be able to feel what was going on underneath me. This saddle is the closest thing to the feel of a bareback pad with the structure and support of a leather saddle.

It’s really important to me that I can maintain my position to enable the most effective biomechanics but I also need to feel really secure as my horse can really throw some shapes, the youngster can also have a moment of course! I like that I can use the saddle on client’s horses when I am riding for them or just as a trial option to rule out any issues with their own saddle. The SMART™ Elite Dressage saddle has quite a high price tag but when I can share it over all three of my horses it becomes really good value! Can’t wait to see how their bodies change and improve over the longer term.

I’d recommend trying the saddles and the rental option is such an invaluable offer which isn’t offered by many other manufacturers. I’ve ordered my saddle new SMART™ saddle before my trial is even over!”

~ Jo Szegota