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After years of issues, I now see a future again thanks to the SMART Native Dressage saddle

Smart Native

“I have always had issues with Winnie. As a 6-year-old she was rebacked and brought into work again, but she still wasn’t happy.

Thankfully I found a saddle fitter & SMART Advisor, she did what she could with our existing treed saddle, but Winnie had finally outgrown it and she advised we try a SMART™ Saddle. With a lot of patience, we tried several SMART™ saddle models on the very lightly backed and incredibly sensitive, Winnie.

Lesley Jennings

Finally, we tried the SMART Native Dressage saddle and I felt like I'd come home. Winnie is coming on steadily; the fact that she stands at the mounting block and lets me hop on seemed insurmountable after years of her absolutely refusing to stand still at the block & let me get anywhere near to mounting.

So far this week, we've schooled, hacked around the field & tried out solo roadwork. Our SMART™ Native Dressage saddle has held me in place beautifully & allowed Winnie to move fluidly underneath me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I honestly thought I was going to have to retire her & now I see a future again – my SMART™ Native Dressage saddle was worth every penny.”

~ Lesley Jennings