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Young rider and her pony find comfort and confidence with the SMART PRO Pony GP saddle

Kate Packer

“Since getting our pony, Holly, we have found it extremely hard to get a saddle to fit her.

I have bought four different saddles, all with the promise they would fit, however within the first three jumps they would be on her neck. Evie would then, very often, also go over Holly’s ears (she does now have great stick ability now though)!

Holly then started to refuse to jump; we had her back checked and she was in awful pain from the saddle. All this then knocked Holly and Evie’s confidence. After having two saddle fitters out who both said that the saddles were fine, and then buying lots of girths and sticky pads, I started to look into different saddle options.

Kate Packer

I found SMART Saddles online and gave them a call. A very helpful lady talked me through everything and recommended a SMART Advisor in my area. The SMART Advisor then contacted me very quickly and came out with the SMART Pro Pony GP for us to try. She was incredibly helpful, gave me loads of advice and clearly loved the saddles herself. We tried the saddle for a couple of weeks on rental and Holly seemed very comfortable. Evie, who has Spina Bifida, has said it’s the most comfortable saddle she has ever sat in. They have both built their confidence back up very quickly and are now flying again - we can’t wait for the Pony Club season to start!

Thank you to our SMART Advisor and all the SMART Saddles team, who are all so lovely and helpful”

~ Kate Packer