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Fitting The SMART X-over Breastgirth

X-over breastgirth

The SMART X-over breastgirth is the only design that is fitted with straps that move and stretch independently.

Fitting The SMART X-over breastgirth

It is important that the design of any breastgirth does not hamper the movement of the scapula, but in order to be of any benefit, it must be fitted so that there is some tension on the saddle and the girth. - For this reason, it is essential that the straps are fully elasticated.

Easy to use:Simply clip the lower strap to the top D rings and the top strap to the knee D rings. (The breastgirth should NOT be attached to the to girth billets. All SMART Jump & GP saddles come with knee D rings as standard.)

Security and stability:The girth strap helps the girth to stay in place and ensures it does not slide back.

Perfect fit:The SMART X-over breastgirth should fit snugly when the horse is standing, as it will be looser when the neck is raised in movement. The tension should be equal on all straps and the leather straps can be adjusted as needed

Fitting SMART X-over breastgirth

Fitting SMART X-over breastgirth

Fitting SMART X-over breastgirth

There is always help and advice on hand - our Home Consultation Service is available for routine checks as well as help with fitting to different horses or riders. You can either contact your SMART Advisor directly or get in touch with SMART Saddles’ head office by phone: 01909 807870 or email:  smart@smartsaddles.com and we will be happy to assist you.