A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header

Introduction to SMART TM Saddles Fitting Advice

Introduction to SMART Saddles Fitting Advice

Some of the old “rules” that were traditionally adhered to for using conventional treed saddles simply do not apply to the flexible SMARTTM saddles' innovative design.

Initial fitting advice from a trained SMARTTM Advisor should enable any rider to use the SMART™ saddle system comfortably with confidence.

The principles of fitting SMART™ saddles, although they may differ from conventional saddle fitting, are very straight forward and enable,even a novice user, to understand and utilise quickly and easily without constantly resorting to professional assistance. However, in the same way that you would schedule routine checks from a saddler for a traditional saddle, we strongly recommend that you have regular fitting reviews with a SMART™ Advisor to ensure optimal saddle fit and performance.

Please do not hesitate to contact your SMART Advisor for any SMART™ saddle advice; they have seen you and your horse, conducted an assessment and saddle fitting, so are in the best position to provide you with any ongoing support either in person or remotely.

Introduction to SMART Saddles Fitting AdviceWe recommend that when a horse is first introduced to a SMART™ saddle, you take things slowly, particularly with a horse that has had a fundamental or dramatic change in their way of going. The horse may be using different muscles in a different way and will require conditioning with short repetitions, building up, to avoid fatigue or strain.

An important note on saddle accessories

It is essential that any saddle accessories used fit the horse properly - without hindering the function of the SMART™ saddle. This can be the difference between a saddle working for a horse and rider combination or not. If issues arise it is often assumed the saddle is the problem when in fact ill-fitting accessories are to blame. All SMART™ Recommended Accessories have been tried and tested; SMART Saddles supply and recommend what we find to work best with the SMARTTM saddles. There are further notes on fitting accessories later in this guide.

There is always help and advice on hand - our Home Consultation Service is available for routine checks as well as help with fitting to different horses or riders. You can either contact your SMART Advisor directly or get in touch with SMART Saddles’ head office by phone: 01909 807870 or email: smart@smartsaddles.com and we will be happy to assist you.