A modern solution to saddle fitting header
A modern solution to saddle fitting header

About SMART Saddles

Comfort, Welfare & Performance 

Dr. Anne Bondi BHSI founded SMART Saddles in 2006 in a quest to design and develop a range of saddles to improve horse and rider comfort, welfare and performance after years of experiencing saddle-related problems, finding that although some of them could be alleviated, they were not solved.

Today, Nottinghamshire-based SMART™ Saddles is run by a small but dedicated team, committed to designing and manufacturing the SMART™ saddle range using premium materials that are carefully sourced from around the UK. 


Award winning saddle design

Queens Award winning SMART saddle design

The SMART™ saddle range has disrupted the largely unchallenged traditional saddle market, providing horses and riders at all levels with a modern solution to their saddle fitting woes.

It is the only brand of saddle to date to be awarded a much sought-after Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation, 2021). SMART™ Saddles continue to offer outstanding products and customer service continues to grow to keep up with increasing customer demand and new markets. 



SMART Performance - for both horse and rider

The research-led SMART™ saddle designs are manufactured, tested and fitted by riders; who not only understand how the saddles are constructed but also the performance demands of both horse and rider.

A network of trained SMART™ Advisors fit and supply the SMART™ saddle range to horse owners across the UK and overseas, whilst the team at SMART™ Saddles HQ are available to assist you with all aspects of ordering from saddle selection, to trials and after-sales service.


Benefits of a SMART™ Saddle

Even those who do not believe that their horses are experiencing saddle issues at all have been surprised at the improvements to performance that working in a flexible SMART™ saddle has demonstrated.

  • Adaptable fit - ensures one saddle can be easily adjusted to allow for changes in shape through the season or for one saddle to be fitted to several horses.
  • Fully flexible - Allows movement of the shoulder and back without causing tilting, rocking or torque. The SMART™ Saddle is designed to flex with the horse through the stride cycle.
  • Impact absorbing - protects the back from pressure and trauma by using a patented shock absorbing system.
  • High performance - thoroughly researched and tested with Tekscan & Pliance pressure mapping systems and state of the art Biomechanical analysis systems. Scientifically proven to improve horse: saddle: rider synchrony.
  • Eliminate saddle fitting issues from you training goals - spend more time training, competing and enjoying riding your horse.