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SMART Saddles

The SMART™ Saddle Range was developed in a quest to improve equine welfare and performance.

After years of experiencing saddle-related problems and experimenting with a wide range of expensive saddles with different flocking on many horses, SMART™ Saddle designer and founder, Dr Anne Bondi, found that although some of the problems could be alleviated, they were not solved.

Nottinghamshire based SMART™ Saddles was founded in 2006 with a team dedicated to manufacturing the fully flexible SMART™ saddle & accessory range using premium materials carefully sourced from around the UK.

A network of trained SMART™ Advisors fit and supply the SMART™ saddle range to horse owners across the UK and overseas, whilst the team at SMART™ Saddles headquarters are available to assist you with all aspects of saddle selection, trail & purchase, accounts and after-sales guidance.

Award winning saddle design

The ground-breaking flexible SMART™ saddle range has disrupted the largely unchallenged traditional saddle market, providing horses and riders at all levels with a modern solution to their saddle fitting woes and is believed to be the only brand of saddle to have earned a much sought-after Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2021. SMART™ Saddles continue to offer outstanding products and customer service is set to continue to grow to keep up with increasing customer demand.

Award winning SMART saddle

SMART Performance

"I'm loving the way the SMART Elite Jump saddle allows me the flexibility to use it on any horse, especially the narrower stamp. It gives me a more close contact feel and my horses all the freedom they need."
~ Penny Lawn, Event Rider & SMART Ambassador

Even those who do not believe that their horses are experiencing saddle issues at all have been surprised at the improvements to performance that working in a flexible SMART™ saddle has demonstrated. The SMART™ saddle design is unique, not only because the saddles are fully flexible, but also because they are designed, manufactured, used and fitted by riders; we not only understand how the saddles are constructed but also the performance demands of both horse and rider.


Benefits of a SMART™ Saddle

  • Adaptable fit - ensures one saddle can be easily adjusted to allow for changes in shape through the season or for one saddle to be fitted to several horses.
  • Fully flexible - Allows movement of the shoulder and back without causing tilting, rocking or torque. The SMART™ Saddle is designed to flex with the horse through the stride cycle.
  • Impact absorbing - protects the back from pressure and trauma by using a patented shock absorbing system.
  • High performance - thoroughly researched and tested with Tekscan & Pliance pressure mapping systems and state of the art Biomechanical analysis systems. Scientifically proven to improve symmetry and reduce peak and overall pressures.
  • Eliminate saddle fitting issues from you training goals - spend more time training, competing and enjoying riding your horse.